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United Airlines bets on technology to recover from 2020

Dive Brief: United Airlines is leaning on technology to improve its bottom line after losing $7.1 billion in 2020 from business disruptions due to the COVID-19 pandemic, according to the company’s latest earnings report. ZDNet first reported United’s upcoming IT investments. Driven by efficiency, technological innovation will cut business costs as the company looks to […]

Amazon Lex Introduces an Enhanced Console Experience and New V2 APIs | Amazon Web Services

Today, the Amazon Lex team has released a new console experience that makes it easier to build, deploy, and manage conversational experiences. Along with the new console, we have also introduced new V2 APIs, including continuous streaming capability. These improvements allow you to reach new audiences, have more natural conversations, and develop and iterate faster. […]

Retail accelerates tech goals en route to brand clout

Dive Brief: Disrupted by shut-in shoppers, the retail space accelerated digitalization plans by one to two years, said 72% of the 455 retail and consumer brand professionals surveyed by Euromonitor International. Another 21% of professionals say plans were accelerated by three years. Half of industry professionals say the expansion of mobile applications or platforms was […]

PwC: Remote work ‘an overwhelming success’ for employers, employees

Dive Brief: After a year of transition away from in-person worksites at many organizations, a majority of both executives and employees surveyed this month by PwC say that remote work shifts caused by COVID-19 have been successful at their organizations. Productivity may be a big factor behind future decisions to maintain remote work. Fifty-two percent […]

What should businesses do about data analytics? Here’s Wayfair’s playbook

Amid rabid competition in the retail space, businesses turn to machines for insights that let them one-up other competitors. Data, not emotion or instinct, steers the most effective decisions for supply chain, marketing or IT operations. For organizations hoping to absorb the advantages of data analytics, Matthew Hartwig, associate director of product management, data infrastructure […]

Hide and seek: Biden administration gets creative recruiting tech talent

Dive Brief: The Biden administration updated government websites Wednesday to reflect the new White House — with a hidden message for IT talent. The source code for WhiteHouse.gov now includes the line, “If you’re reading this, we need your help building back better” and a link to apply for the U.S. Digital Service (USDS).  The […]

Why Cloud Technology is a Smart Business Move for Higher Education

Cloud technology is not just for the world of big business. A growing number of higher education institutions are also embracing the cloud’s many advantages, especially for its data gathering and analytics capabilities. When the timing is right—and used to its full potential—colleges and universities that step up to the cloud will ultimately create a […]

As Biden administration transition begins, IT leadership changes over

The incoming Biden administration is pushing ahead on transitioning IT leadership as Trump administration officials turn over letters of resignation to end their tenures.  As is “long-standing tradition,” political appointees turn in letters of resignation at the end of one administration for the next administration to decide whether to accept or reject it, according to […]

How to Negotiate a Salary During Job Interview – Freesumes

When you are applying for a new job, often you are holding your breath a little, trying to do everything right to get the position. You know you are the right person and will do an excellent job in the role. But then there’s the ‘money factor’ — how do you ensure that you are […]