Amazon Owns Nearly Half Of The Public-Cloud Infrastructure Market Worth Over $32 Billion: Report

The main key takeaway from Gartner’s latest annual report on the public-cloud computing infrastructure market, published earlier this week, is that its adoption trend is not slowing down—au contraire.

According to the Stamford, Connecticut-based research firm, the worldwide infrastructure as a service (IaaS) market grew 31.3% in 2018 reaching $32.4 billion, up from $24.7 billion in 2017 with Amazon Web Services (AWS) once again being the top vendor, owning nearly half of the overall public-cloud infrastructure market (47.8%), leading by a wide margin Microsoft (15.5%), Alibaba (7.7%), Google (4%), and IBM (1.8%).

In 2018, all the top five IaaS providers saw double-digit revenue growth with Chinese e-commerce giant Alibaba leading the pack with a record 92.6% growth and annual sales of its Alibaba Cloud infrastructure business unit (also known as Aliyun) reaching $1.3 billion…

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